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When applying to become an affiliate of RockShutter, you agree to the terms and conditions listed in this document.

Please make sure you read this document carefully before signing up as an affiliate. By joining our affiliate program, you agree and accept all conditions outlined in this document.

RockShutter is not in responsible for any expenses in regards to your participation in this affiliate program or any damage it might cause you or any third parties.

You are not allowed to SPAM anyone by any means. This includes respecting all national and international SPAM laws.

You are not allowed to break any national or international laws as a result of your participation of this affiliate program with RockShutter.

We reserve the right to review, analyze and possibly deny any affiliate earnings suspected of fraud or in case of customer chargeback’s, failed payments or refunds.

You may not resell our products in any way as an affiliate. All products are copyrighted.

This agreement can and may be updated at any given time.

All content on RockShutter is protected by international copyright law. You may not use product descriptions or any other content on RockShutter to describe our products.

Affiliates must notify RockShutter if they sell a website that promotes RockShutter.

Use of advertising software commonly known as “adware” or “malware” is not strictly forbided.

Affiliates are not allowed to represent themselves as a merchant or as part of RockShutter.

Affiliates are not allowed to use PPC advertising such as Adwords for any searches containing the keyword “RockShutter” or other similar variations.

Affiliates must disclose any traffic driving techniques when applying.

You may not purchase any RockShutter related products through your own affiliate links.

A minimum of $50 in Affiliate earnings is required for a payment to your paypal account in order to make administration easier.

Affiliates caught breaking the rules or violating any of these terms or any kind of fraud will be immediately banned.

We go through each affiliate request manually and go to great lengths to ensure everything is in order. If you don’t try to “game” the system you are in good hands and we will do whatever we can to help you promote RockShutter and to create a great “win-win” for both parties.

If you have any questions about the affiliate system, please get in touch with us.

Page last upadted: December 06, 2016


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