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By Debbie Thomas

Whilst Squashy Grandma's tooth get caught in the back of the radiator, Abbie calls the Very unusual activity guy. Matt Platt and his even odder daughter Perdita invite Abbie to the Hair Museum, the place background has hairstyles and fish have beards. Drawn right into a hair-raising hunt for Perdita's mother, Abbie befriends a forged of whacky characters. yet waddling within the shadows is a fiendish foe: the white-suited, lemon-haired Dr. Hubris Klench. This quirky story, filled with screwballs and pitfalls, will tickle teenagers, mom and dad, and squashy grandmas alike.

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Ooh no Dr Klench. I been clearing the, ah … just a little extra, um … and I’ll be heading, um … you recognize. ’ ‘You are definite? ’ Burger guy glared at him with eyes like squashed flies. ‘Me? Ooh convinced Dr Klench. I haven’t spotted any sniffink – I suggest sniffing. or even if there um … she’ll have … you recognize, by means of now. ’ He tapped his watch. ‘Schnik! ’ muttered Burger guy. Abbie guessed that has to be ‘****!! ’ in Burger language. She swallowed a scream. A fats hand was once coming in the direction of the bin. It used to be clutching the tip of an ice cream. Abbie ducked. The bin lid opened large. there has been a hard-hearted whiff of men’s cleaning soap, then a soft-hearted drift of vanilla. A ball of chilly hit her head. ‘So Charlie,’ got here Burger Man’s voice, ‘now you come back vizz me. Ve cross shoppink for defense cameras. possibly ziss lady returns the following day. Ve capture her on display. ’ Abbie licked the ice cream dribble from her cheek and listened to special Ears’ protests. ‘Me? Ooh no, Dr Klench. Haven’t particularly accomplished, um … simply desired to, er … you recognize. ’ ‘Charlie. ’ The voice was once very calm. ‘Ass Mummy used to claim, I haff informed you vunce. Come now. ’ Abbie pictured the large ears drooping. 3 units of footsteps light down the trail. Abbie stayed there for a long time, crouching, trembling and licking. Her pocket wriggled. Chester crawled up her arm and onto her head. Very lightly he driven open the lid. Then he slithered out. She peered after him. there has been not anyone approximately. A cloud whispered around the silver-blue sky. Abbie hoicked herself over the aspect of the bin and nearly fell onto the trail. She brushed her sleeves and stamped the worst of the garbage off her ft. She checked out her watch. Six twenty. The zoo needs to be closed. Panic bubbled in her abdominal. What now? Run to the go out? What if Burger guy used to be ready there? What might he do to her? Why had Charlie large Ears helped her? Charlie? Ch-arlie! may he be the ‘Ch’ in Coriander’s letter? 3 phrases danced throughout her mind. ‘Tonight. remain. Orangs. ’ Abbie felt all wobbly. She opened her bag, took out the mobile phone and dialled the Hair Museum. ‘Hello? ’ got here Perdita’s breathless voice. ‘I imagine i would be directly to something,’ acknowledged Abbie. ‘But I’ve received to –’ she swallowed – ‘stay. the following. this night. ’ ‘What?! Oh, um, hi Auntie. ’ Perdita’s voice had long past all brilliant. ‘It’s Abbie. definite Auntie, I’m coming. Bye then, Abbie. ’ ‘I’ll mobilephone again,’ acknowledged Abbie. ‘And supply my like to Ollie. ’ Perdita rang off. Abbie breathed deeply … and regretted it. Salt and vinegar, meat and mildew shot up her nostril. discovering a loo block extra down the trail, she washed off what she may perhaps of the wheelie bin. Then she grew to become again in the direction of the ape condominium. *** within the kitchen at the most sensible ground of the museum, Perdita and Matt laid the desk. ‘Perdie,’ stated Matt, ‘the forks move at the left. ’ ‘Oh, sorry Dad. ’ Perdita giggled and swapped them with the knives. ‘They’re the other way up, Perdie. ’ ‘Oops. ’ She giggled back. Matt positioned his hand on her shoulder. ‘Are you okay, darling? You appear a section distracted this night. ’ ‘What? Oh, definite, simply drained. i'd visit mattress early if that’s okay.

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