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By Brian Jacques, Gary Chalk

The population of Redwall sit back within the haze of summer-but as they do, the neighboring stronghold of Salamandastron lies besieged via the evil weasel military of Ferhago the murderer. Worse nonetheless, Mara, loved daughter of Urthstripe, Badger Lord of the fireplace Mountain, is in poor possibility. Then a lightning bolt uncovers the sword of Martin the Warrior, and younger Samkin embarks on an event that leads him to Mara. Can the great creatures conquer the villainous murderer?

Illustrated by means of Gary Chalk

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It doesn't please me while my orders usually are not performed. ’ Dethbrush attempted difficult to forestall his limbs trembling, he swallowed tough, licking at dry lips. ‘Master, we searched evening and day with no leisure. they have to have discovered how to go the south movement – that's the place I misplaced their tracks. i assumed it might be higher to report to you, instead of wander away in unusual state. ’ Ferahgo opened his eyes. He was once now not smiling. ‘You did correct, Dethbrush. leisure and consume until eventually the next day. then you definately will cross monitoring back together with your rats. yet have in mind, i would like Dingeye and Thura, or their heads, introduced again the following to me. it really is undesirable for the morale of my Corpsemakers in the event that they discover that deserters can break out my punishment and roam loose. Do you recognize? ’ Dethbrush gave a sigh of reduction and nodded. ‘I comprehend, Ferahgo. This time I won’t fail you. ’ Ferahgo closed his eyes. ‘Make convinced you don’t, my pal. ’ He smiled just a little and waved a paw in dismissal. Dethbrush went to seem for water, his mouth dry with worry. 2 Redwall Abbey slumbered peacefully lower than the noontide solar. A song-thrush trilled sweetly from the encompassing greenery of Mossflower Woods, its melodious song echoing from the dusty pink sandstone partitions of the most development to the outer ramparts. someplace within the Abbey pool a trout part leaped at a passing gnat, overlooked it and flopped again lazily into the water. moles lugging a trolley weighted down with greens for the kitchen became on the sound, commenting of their old fashioned mole-speech. ‘Ee be a gurt noisy trowt that un, eh, Burrley. ’ Burrley, the smaller of the 2, wrinkled his button nostril. ‘Hurr, you’m doant say. Oi’d be gurt ’n’ lazy iffen oi dwelled inna pond wi’ nothen t’ do. Ho urr! ’ They trundled into the Abbey, speculating at the effortless life-style of trouts who lived in ponds. Mrs religion Spinney used to be opting for fruit within the orchard. the great hedgehog woman muttered quietly to herself as she checked the contents of her basket. ‘Early plums, gooseberries, small pears . . . dearie me, they're liddle uns too. No brain, they’ll make tasty cordial. Damsons aren’t close to prepared but – pity, I do like an outstanding damson pudden. Now enable me see, what have I forgotten? ’ The sight of a tree jogged her reminiscence. ‘Apples, after all! these vast eco-friendly uns be most excellent for bakin’ pies. ’ status on tip-paw she reached for a wide eco-friendly apple putting from a low bough. Zzzzip! Splott! An arrow sped through, a hair’s-breadth from Mrs Spinney’s paw. It pierced the juicy apple, sending it spinning from the bough directly to the grass. The hedgehog dropped her basket and dashed off, ducking low and defensive her head with either paws as she whooped out in terror. ‘Ooowhoo, aid, homicide! We’re bein’ attacked via scallawagians! ’ aid seemed rapidly within the kind of a brawny male otter. ‘Sink me! What’s the entire to-do approximately, marm? ’ religion Spinney was once hiding in the back of a gooseberry bush together with her apron over her head. She peeped out on the otter. ‘Hoohoo! Do ’urry an’ sound the alarm bell, Mr Thrugg. simply lookit that apple lyin’ in yonder grass!

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