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By Alex Archer, Joseph Nassise

It begun as a dream—a redheaded warrior king fought and died for his males centuries in the past. The dream might lead archaeologist Annja Creed to the king's undisturbed corpse…and certainly one of England's maximum legendary artifacts. Deep in an archaeological dig in England's Midlands, Annja locates a braided necklace round a mummified king's neck. made up of an strange material—not really obsidian, yet glowing with multihued color—the torc is an dazzling locate. yet somebody is aware precisely what the torc skill. And he'll do whatever to get his fingers at the Tear of the Gods. whilst the dig is compromised and blameless archaeologists are slain, even Annja herself is left for useless. Now she is fleeing for her lifestyles, no longer realizing the terrifying fact in regards to the relic she dangers every little thing to protect—or the devastating results may still it fall into the inaccurate hands….

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The blacksmith shaped the necklace with the tears of the goddess that he’d accumulated as soon as they’d fallen to earth, correct? ” “Right…” Sebastian obtained up from his stool and commenced pacing backward and forward, his pleasure emerging. “So, only for the sake of argument, let’s say that the blacksmith truly did acquire anything that fell to earth and used it to make the torc. What may perhaps which were? ” whatever that fell to earth… Then she had it. “A meteorite! ” she exclaimed. “Maybe much more than one,” he agreed. “That should be it. ” “But i assumed meteorites have been in general simply stone and nickel? ” Annja stated. Sebastian waved his hand backward and forward in a so-so gesture. “Meteorites fall into 3 uncomplicated categories—stony, stony iron and iron. They’re your uncomplicated chondritic meteorites, the type that have been shaped throughout the early days of the sun procedure and as such have the nearest courting in your standard Earth rock. a majority of these meteorites are made of more often than not iron, with a bit nickel and stone thrown in. one of the best ways to inform in the event that they are meteorites is to check for the quantity of nickel in them. Earth rocks both have loads of nickel or little or no, whereas the quantity of nickel present in a meteorite falls inside a really particular diversity. ” Frowning, Annja acknowledged, “But i presumed we made up our minds that the torc wasn’t made of iron? ” “We did, and it’s not,” Sebastian responded. “I’m getting there, simply undergo with me. in addition to chrondritic meteorites, we even have achondritic meteorites, the type that have been shaped lengthy earlier than the sun procedure even existed. ” He paused, to make certain she was once following his rationalization. “Achondritic meteorites are even more infrequent and occasionally fall to this point out of the standard expectancies that we have got hassle even classifying them as meteorites. there has been one present in Antarctica final yr, not anything greater than a speck of a rock particularly, yet its chemical composition used to be so targeted that they couldn’t conclusively establish it. ” Annja observed the place he was once going now. “So you’re suggesting that the blacksmith within the legend came across a meteorite, extracted the steel from it and used that to make the torc? ” “Yes! ” he cried. “It is smart, doesn’t it? You’ve bought this steel substance that neither people can instantly determine, this means that it’s lovely infrequent, and given the character of the legend surrounding the necklace even is sensible. ” “So how will we end up it? ” “Simple, really,” he acknowledged. “We simply run a pattern of it throughout the spectrograph and examine the implications. ” He grew to become to stand her. “All i want is a small pattern and with that i may most likely inform you precisely what it's. ” Annja winced. “How small is small? ” “Just a couple of grains, fairly, that’s all. ” a couple of grains? That she might deal with. “I say we do it, then! ” Sebastian introduced the torc over to a weird-looking equipment that resembled an enclosed incubator of all issues and placed the torc within it on a bit shelf. “I’m going to shave off a couple of grains from the surface of the torc with this laser,” he stated as he closed the lid and started to calibrate the equipment to get the smallest attainable beam.

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