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By Brian Jacques

During this 12th e-book of the masterful Redwall epic, storyteller Brian Jacques is going again in time to the times ahead of Redwall, revealing with dramatic poignancy the legend of the 1st of the remarkable Redwall warriors--Luke, father of Martin.

Joined by means of Trimp the Hedgehog, Dinny Foremole, and Gonff--the ever-mischievous Prince of Mousethieves--it is that legend Martin hopes to find whilst he embarks on a dangerous trip to the northland shore, the place his father deserted him as a baby. There, in the carcass of an exceptional crimson ship--broken in part and wedged excessive up among pillars of stone--he ultimately uncovers what he has been trying to find: the genuine tale of the evil pirate stoat, Vilu Daskar, and the valiant warrior who pursued him relentlessly over the excessive seas, trying to smash Vilu in any respect bills, no matter if it intended deserting his merely son.

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Luke glanced upward, remarking quietly to Vurg, ‘There’s a long way worse chefs aboard than me. ’ Vurg cupped a paw to his ear. ‘What? ’ The Warrior winked slyly at his pal. ‘I acknowledged, the sky’s as blue because the sea. ’ Afternoon shadows have been commencing to prolong because the Sayna lay offshore of the dual Islands. Luke referred to as as much as the topmost watch, ‘Any signal of the purple send? ’ Cardo shielded his eyes. ‘None in any respect, Luke! ’ Vurg leaned opposed to the tiller. ‘So what now, mate? ’ Luke studied the dual Islands conscientiously sooner than replying. ‘No reliable chasin’ out into unknown waters with the Sayna in a nasty nation. No tellin’ what may develop into folks. i feel we should always sail her into that channel which separates the 2 islands, ’tis calm an’ sheltered in there. lets make the Sayna shipshape back, repair the mast accurately, make a brand new jib an’ stitch up these torn sails. kind of placed everythin’ to rights afore we set sail back, eh, Vurg? ’ ‘Aye, sounds brilliant, yet what in regards to the crimson send, Luke? ’ ‘Well we ain’t in a healthy situation to chase her immediately. We’ll need to make up days whilst we’re sailin’ back. unusual notwithstanding, Vurg, I’ve obtained a humorous feelin’ that crimson send isn’t too faraway someplace. Hmm, mayhap ’tis only a fancy an’ it’ll go. correct, head ’er in there, buddies. We’ll make quick to the east channel financial institution approximately midway alongside. ’ Later that night Akkla tapped nervously at Vilu Daskar’s wonderfully carved cabin door. Vilu set aside the charts he and Parug have been learning. ‘Come! ’ the pirate stoat’s voice known as imperiously. Akkla entered respectfully and made his document. ‘Sire, ’tis such as you acknowledged: in the direction of evenin’ a boat sailed into the channel an’ installed ’alfway up at the east part. ’ Vilu couldn't face up to a positive smirk at Parug. ‘Just as I anticipated. ’ He became again to Akkla. ‘What demeanour of vessel is it? ’ ‘Like an ole Corsair barque, cap’n, yet ain’t no Corsairs aboard of ’er, they’re all mice, tough-lookin’ beasts. She took a few typhoon harm, sire – i believe they’ve installed there for upkeep. ’ Parug drew his cutlass and licked the blade. ‘It’s darkish outdoors, cap’n. shall we come stormin’ up the channel like an ’awk directly to a wren, jus’ whilst they’re least expectin’ us! ’ Vilu shook his head despairingly on the searat bosun. ‘No no, my impulsive buddy, why break a boat that’s wanting fix? depart the mice awhile, allow them to paintings and sweat solving up their craft, get all of it solid and seaworthy back. Then we’ll swoop on them and sink it, allow them to see all their efforts destroyed. even more refined, don’t you think that? ’ Parug proposal for a second, then his positive factors creased into an evil gap-toothed cackle. ‘Haharrhahaharr! Yore a nasty ’un o.k., cap’n! ’ Vilu followed a modest expression. ‘Oh, I do my top to be the worst. Akkla, what was once the identify of this send? ’ ‘I don’t be aware of letters, sire, yet Fleabitt does, an’ ’e acknowledged ’twas referred to as the Sayna, i believe. Aye, that’s the identify, Sayna! ’ To either Sea Rogues’ shock, their captain poured wine for himself and them. Akkla and Parug sipped appreciatively at their goblets.

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