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By Brian Jacques, Allan Curless

The murderous Rapscallion military is at the circulate. Dealt a humiliating defeat via girl Cregga Rose Eyes, the Badger girl of Salamandastron, who nonetheless pursues them, the Rapscallions are heading inland to take a good higher prize: the peaceable Abbey of Redwall. The elite battling unit of hares, the lengthy Patrol, is termed out to attract them off. on the vanguard is the younger hare Tammo, the lead sword in a single of the main ferocious battles Redwall has ever faced?ready to struggle to the loss of life!

?[Jacques is] a masterful storyteller. . . . As within the different Redwall books, the combo of an soaking up plot, strong characterization, and designated description make the radical a page-turner.?
?The Horn Book

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I ain’t definite they bought a formal glimpse o’ me. You’ll need to bluff ’em, Midge. solid good fortune, you ! ’ Swords drawn, the Rapscallions complicated at the pair. Midge muttered urgently to Tammo, ‘Remember, you’re dumb. depart this t’me! ’ A second later the end of Skaup’s blade was once touching Midge’s throat. ‘Who are yer an’ where’d you return from? ’ Midge stood his floor fearlessly, curling his lip on the ferret. ‘I may perhaps ask you th’ similar query, bucko! ’ ‘You ain’t in no place to invite questions, rag’ead,’ Skaup sneered again at him. ‘There was once 3 o’ yer. Where’d the opposite one visit? ’ Ignoring the swordtip, Midge shook his head pityingly. ‘If you noticeable 3 people then you’ve both bin swiggin’ grog or yer eyes are playin’ methods on yer. I’m Miggo an’ this is often me matey Burfal. There ain’t nobeast with us. ’ The stoat who first sighted Rockjaw scratched his head. ‘I’d swear I observed one other, a major ’un ’e was once, I’m certain of it! ’ Midge driven Skaup’s blade apart and grabbed the stoat, pulling him shut. ‘Ho, so yore the single visible 3 people? good wotta lifeless lump you're! I guess yer don’t even comprehend there’s a chestnut in yore ear, do yer? ’ achieving out fast, Midge gave the stoat’s ear a pointy tug. The vermin yelped in discomfort, yet his partners stood goggle-eyed, watching the candied chestnut which the stranger had it appears pulled from the stoat’s ear. Tammo stuck on straight away to Midge’s trick. Sliding a candied chestnut from the pouch below his blanket he hobbled earlier Skaup, who had diminished his sword. Midge famous what Tammo had performed, and gave the ferret a snaggle-toothed grin. ‘Look at yer swordpoint, mate! ’ Skaup lifted the sword point together with his eyes, and located himself looking at at a candied chestnut impaled upon it. ‘But . . . ’ow did that get there? ’ Midge cackled as he played a shuffling little jig. ‘Heeheehee! An’ how did folks happen ’ere while we’re meant ter be 3? I dunno, do you, mate? ’ Midge appeared so comical that a few of the vermin begun guffawing. Tammo joined in along with his friend’s dance, the pair of them whirling and stamping, rags and tatters jouncing and twirling. quickly all of the vermin have been guffawing at their antics, even Skaup. From his hiding position in the back of a stately elm, Rockjaw smiled. Midge and Tammo have been secure for the instant. retaining a secure distance, the large hare shadowed the celebration as they made their as far back as the Rapscallion camp. Skaup trudged along Midge, eyeing him apparently. ‘Yore a shrewdpermanent ole beast, Miggo. Let’s see yer pull a chestnut out o’ my ear, cross on! ’ Midge’s unpatched eye twinkled slyly. ‘No have to, bucko. glance, there’s one caught to yer cloak! ’ Skaup shook his head in wonderment as he pulled the sticky nut from the cloak throughout his shoulders and munched fortunately on it. ‘Yore good friend there, Burfal, why don’t ’e by no means say anythin’? ’ Midge handed a paw throughout his throat, grinning wickedly. ‘We ’ad a controversy after we was once either younger ’uns. Burfal known as me a few undesirable names, so I reduce ’is throat. Haharr, ’e lived via it, yet ’e ain’t by no means spoke a unmarried observe when you consider that that day.

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