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By Andy Weir

Six days in the past, astronaut Mark Watney grew to become one of many first humans to stroll on Mars.

Now, he is certain he will be the 1st individual to die there.

After a dirt typhoon approximately kills him and forces his workforce to evacuate whereas considering him lifeless, Mark reveals himself stranded and entirely on my own without technique to even sign Earth that he’s alive—and no matter if he may well get be aware out, his provides will be long past lengthy sooner than a rescue may perhaps arrive.

Chances are, even though, he will not have time to starve to loss of life. The broken equipment, unforgiving surroundings, or plain-old "human errors" are more likely to kill him first.

But Mark is not able to hand over but. Drawing on his ingenuity, his engineering skills—and a continuing, dogged refusal to quit—he steadfastly confronts one doubtless insurmountable problem after the subsequent. Will his resourcefulness be sufficient to beat the very unlikely odds opposed to him?

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Four g whereas donning a cumbersome EVA swimsuit isn’t effortless. At top, i will be able to trundle 2 meters in keeping with moment. That’s a priceless 25 seconds; nearly an 8th of my 4 mins. I’ve bought to deliver that down. yet how? AUDIO LOG TRANSCRIPT: SOL 119 (8) I’ll roll the rattling airlock. It’s essentially a telephone sales space on its part. I did a few experiments. I figured if i need it to roll, I’ll have to hit the wall as challenging as attainable. and i've to be within the air on the time. I can’t press opposed to another a part of the airlock. The forces could cancel one another out and it wouldn’t movement in any respect. First i attempted launching myself off one wall and slamming into the opposite. The airlock slid a bit, yet that’s it. subsequent, i attempted doing a super-push-up to get airborne (0. four g yay! ) then kicking the wall with either ft. back, it simply slid. The 3rd time, I received it correct. The trick was once to plant either my toes at the flooring, close to the wall, then release myself to the pinnacle of the other wall and hit with my again. while i attempted that simply now, it gave me adequate strength and leverage to tip the airlock and roll it one face towards the Hab. The airlock is a meter large, so…sigh…I need to do it like fifty extra instances. I’m gonna have a hell of a backache after this. AUDIO LOG TRANSCRIPT: SOL a hundred and twenty i've got a hell of a backache. the delicate and sophisticated “hurl my physique on the wall” procedure had a few flaws. It labored just one out of each ten attempts, and it damage much. I needed to take breaks, stretch out, and customarily persuade myself to body-slam the wall time and again. It took all rattling evening, yet I made it. I’m ten meters from the Hab now. I can’t get any nearer, ’cause the particles from the decompression is all over. This isn’t an “all-terrain” airlock. I can’t roll over that shit. It was once morning whilst the Hab popped. Now it’s morning back. I’ve been during this rattling field for a complete day. yet I’m leaving quickly. I’m within the EVA swimsuit now, and able to roll. All right…Okay…Once extra during the plan: Use the handbook valves to equalize the airlock. Get out and hurry to the Hab. Wander round below the collapsed canvas. locate Martinez’s go well with (or Vogel’s if I run into it first). Get to the rover. Then I’m secure. If I run out of time ahead of discovering a swimsuit, I’ll simply run to the rover. I’ll be in difficulty, yet I’ll have time to imagine and fabrics to paintings with. Deep breath…here we move! LOG access: SOL a hundred and twenty I’m alive! And I’m within the rover! issues didn’t cross precisely as deliberate, yet I’m no longer useless, so it’s a win. Equalizing the airlock went superb. i used to be out at the floor inside thirty seconds. Skipping towards the Hab (the quickest solution to circulation during this gravity), I undergone the sphere of particles. The rupture had particularly despatched issues flying, myself integrated. It was once demanding to determine; my faceplate was once coated by way of the makeshift patch. thankfully, my arm had a digital camera. NASA found that turning all of your EVA-suited physique to examine anything used to be a strenuous waste of time. so that they fastened a small digital camera at the correct arm. The feed is projected at the internal faceplate. this permits us to examine issues simply by pointing at them.

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