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By L. E. Modesitt Jr.

When Anna Marshall is transported from her uninteresting and complex existence in Ames, Iowa, to the very diverse international of Erde, she's indignant and stressed, yet quickly reveals out that for the 1st time in her lifestyles she's uniquely robust. In Iowa Anna was once a track teacher and small-time opera singer, yet on Erde her musical skill makes her a big-time sorceress--potentially.

First she needs to work out the right way to use her skill sooner than the big-time rulers who have notices her arrival kill her simply because she's an unpredictable new power....Those rulers might need they hadn't waited so long as they did.

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Hasn’t someone attempted to cope with them? ” “The Ebrans have been warlike ahead of the darkish ones. nobody has ever conquered Ebra—unlike Defalk,” he additional sardonically, “which has been conquered and reconquered. The Norweians misplaced numerous thousand troops below their final Council, and the Ranuans have continuously depended on the protections of the Sand Hills and the Whispering Sands. ” “Isn’t there a person else? ” “The basically 3 international locations that border Ebra are Nordwei, Ranuak, and Defalk. ” Anna lurched ahead as Farinelli reached the ground of the path and began again up the winding manner towards the dome condo. She grabbed front rim of the saddle and steadied herself. “That doesn’t sound good,” she temporized, examining Brill’s face up to his phrases. “It isn't really sturdy. Lord Barjim can't even protect Defalk, less give some thought to attacking Ebra. So the darkish ones will circulate on us first. ” “Why are you continue to right here? ” Anna blurted. “I intend to teach you why, woman Anna. which may take a while. ” The sorcerer reined up midway up the hillside and pointed eastward. “Those are the Sand Mountains, and a section to the south is the Sand cross to Ebra. ” “How a long way is the move? ” “Somewhat under ten leagues. ” Anna attempted to recollect what Daffyd—had it been Daffyd? —had acknowledged approximately measurements. Ten deks have been a league, and a dek was once nearly a kilometer, and that used to be anything like six-tenths of a mile, and that intended … lower than sixty miles from the border with Ebra? “You glance disturbed. ” “I hadn’t discovered Ebra used to be so shut. ” “It’s an outstanding days’ journey to the Sand cross, and one other part day past that to the real border. ” Brill frowned. Anna shook her head. She’d forgotten that sixty miles or ten leagues or no matter what used to be far on horseback. She wanted a few viewpoint. “How a long way is the border with the rustic to the west? ” “Neserea? i guess it's round sixty leagues. ” So Defalk wasn’t a postage stamp-sized nation, both. “What’s to the north? and the way a long way? ” Anna pressed. “Nordwei—it runs throughout many of the north of Liedwahr—more than 300 leagues from Cape Eastwei to the mountains north of Esaria. ” Brill pursed his lips. “The border is set thirty leagues north of Falcor, and a bit further from the following. ” “Is Falcor the capital of Defalk? ” Anna requested. “Capital? You suggest the cash accumulated through a usurer? There are few cash certainly in Falcor. Falcor is the liedstadt of Defalk, simply because that's the place Lord Barjim’s liedburg is. ” whenever she attempted to get a solution, someway the reply led into anything else. If the Germanic note roots intended an identical issues, then Falcor used to be the capital of Defalk, yet liedstadt translated approximately as “song-city,” whereas Lord Barjim’s citadel or corridor was once a “song-castle. ” Anna grabbed the saddle as Farinelli lurched ahead, her strategies spinning as she attempted to build a psychological map—Ebra to the east, and Neserea to the west, and Nordwei to the north. “What’s south? ” she blurted. “Ranuak,” Brill replied tersely. “I have a map in my workroom. ” His tone afflicted Anna.

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