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By Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell

Excessive within the crumbling Palace of Statues, oily Vox Verlix - nominally the main excessive Academe yet not more than a prisoner actually - is brewing a negative plot to break the goblins and the shrykes at a stroke, leaving him loose to take over once more. Rook Barkwater, a tender librarian knight, stumbles upon the reality whilst he's taken captive and compelled to paintings for Vox. yet can Rook foil Vox's plan and store the lives of his librarian colleagues? a part of the "Rook" trilogy set fifty years later than the occasions of the "Twig" series - and jam-packed with interesting new characters and settings that would enthral lovers of the sequence.

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This was once somebody who had identified nice soreness and negative ache; an individual who had stared down into the yawning chasms of black melancholy. His gaze bored into Vox's eyes. Vox seemed again at him, puzzlement flickering around his eyebrows. ‘You are the emissary from the librarians? ’ he begun. ‘You have replaced because final we met. ’ the customer stated. He nodded in the direction of the medallion of excessive workplace round Vox Verlix's neck. ‘It used to be the evening you stole that little trinket. ’ Vox's mouth fell open; the color tired from his cheeks. ‘Cowlquape Pentephraxis. ’ he gasped in disbelief. His head shook slowly backward and forward. ‘No … No, it cannot be! ’ however it used to be, as Rook used to be simply too conscious. What might the real such a lot excessive Academe of Sanctaphrax be doing right here within the Palace of Statues preserving court docket with Vox Verlix? ‘But you are … you are …’ Vox paused. ‘Dead? ’ instructed Cowlquape. ‘As you will see, Vox, i am greatly alive. if you happen to betrayed me to the Guardians of evening I anticipate you concept they might kill me. yet no, they stored me alive - should you can name being locked up on a stinking cell-ledge within the depths of the Tower of evening, residing. i assume they loved understanding that whereas I lived, you may by no means be the genuine so much excessive Academe, regardless of your claims … yet adequate of this. i'm, as we either be aware of, right here on behalf of the librarians to debate very important concerns; urgent issues …’ He stopped mid-sentence and stared at Rook, who used to be status beside Vox - truly seeing him for the 1st time. His eyebrows arched with shock. ‘Rook. ’ he stated. ‘It cannot be. however it is¡ Rook, my boy, what are you doing the following? ’ Rook grimaced sheepishly. ‘It's an extended story,’ he acknowledged. ‘You understand this slave? ’ acknowledged Vox. ‘Slave? ’ stated Cowlquape. ‘Rook Barkwater isn't any slave. he's a librarian knight; the main valiant of his new release - and the individual that rescued me from the Tower of evening. it sort of feels we either owe him our lives, Vox. ’ Vox sighed. ‘I concept he dealt with himself very well for a trifling kitchen assistant. ’ His narrowing eyes glinted. ‘But Hestera acquired him on the slave public sale, which makes him my estate …’ Cowlquape breathed in sharply. ‘Times have replaced, Vox,’ he acknowledged, his voice point and company. ‘The tables are turning…’ He seemed down meaningfully on the subconscious goblin shield. ‘Yes, definite, all right,’ Vox blustered. ‘Consider your self restored to freedom by means of the main High…’ He stuck Cowlquape's steely gaze and coughed awkwardly. ‘Er … convinced … good… Let's simply say, you are loose. ’ He grew to become to Speegspeel. ‘Refreshments for our guests,’ he stated gruffly. ‘Both our site visitors. ’ Rook's center soared. He felt a wave of aid, as though an outstanding weight had fallen from his shoulders. unfastened once again; he was once unfastened¡ Speegspeel nodded, neither his face nor his voice registering any emotion. ‘Yes, master,’ he acknowledged. ‘And Speegspeel,’ Vox additional. ‘Send Amberfuce up. i've got a bit task for him. ’ ‘Yes, grasp. ’ Speegspeel repeated. He grew to become and began away. ‘Oh, and one very last thing. ’ Vox referred to as after him. ‘You'd greater inform Hestera to go to the slave public sale at once.

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