Featured Artist Zak DenHartigh Entry 03

This specific fountain has so many pictures taken of it, I thought it cliche to do one myself. But sure enough, I found myself trying my hand at taking its photograph. I suppose it’s too photogenic. However, this is my version of the Marietta Square fountain picture.

First thing I did was set a fast shutter speed so that I could capture the water as if it was frozen in time. As result of this, I had to let more light into the camera, so I opened up the aperture. This creates that blurry background that a lot of people enjoy (including myself). It’s really a simple picture, but I like it. The vibe that I wanted in the edit was more of “older” feel. The preset that got me what I wanted was the RS-LT09. It muted the colors. The green is duller as well as the blue in the sky. To me this makes the photo look older, it’s as if the color was washed out over the years. The way the water texture comes out and is defined against the sky is another reason why I really like this preset for this photo.

Something that I had to learn and start becoming comfortable with is sharing my photos. For me, at first, it was nerve racking. Even when I first started posting things on Instagram, I was always worried about what people would think… And posting for a blog, that’s even more intimidating to me. I am not taking pictures for others, but it is nice to get positive feedback and constructive criticism, and the only way to get that is to share your work. So that is what I am doing now. I am sharing more of my work because that is one of the best ways to learn and grow. I can’t be afraid to post or share and neither should you, I think more good than harm can come from it.