Grunge Leaks - Free High Resolution Overlays

Textures are a great way of making creative work with your images, youc an easily change the look and feel of any photo just by adding different texture overlays. We have been working on some really cool stuff lately for both Lightroom and Photoshop, but today we want to give you a new freebie!

Grunge Leaks is a free set of 5 high resolution handcrafted grunge textures with light leak effects comes in JPG format and are very easy to use and apply on almost any image using Photoshop or any other layer oriented software. Perfect for those retro or vintage style images. Check out some samples of the textures below.


  1. Open the photo of your choice.
  2. Open one of these textures and drag it into your main document.
  3. Transform (resize) it to fit your project.
  4. Double click the layer and adjust the blend mode to “Screen” or “Overlay”.
  5. Change the opacity and erase certain areas to make a custom effect.

There you have it, hope you enjoy these texture overlays, expect more freebies and awesome Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions soon.