How to build a great photo portfolio website

Building an online portfolio is essential to showing off your work and skills. A great portfolio website will show potential clients the kind of work you excel in. A website is your online presence and a great way to market your skills at low or no cost.

A great portfolio, whether online or in person, is designed to show off your best work. It’s like a resume for your photography. It will show a potential client just what areas you excel in and what subjects you shoot.

To build a portfolio website, follow the following steps:

Create Categories or Themes – organization is essential to having a great portfolio. You’ll want to start organizing your photos and finding common categories. This also makes it easy to navigate within your site so clients can find what they’re looking for.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – take advantage of SEO and use a web hosting service that takes advantage or offers optimized services. Tags are a good example of SEO so be sure to apply them appropriately. Your domain name or website address can even help with your SEO so choose a name that fits your business.

Showcase Your Best Photos – be sure to display your best and only the best photos in your collection. You don’t want to overwhelm clients with thousands of photos. Pick photos that show off your skills in each of your categories. Less is more!

Social Media Marketing – use social media marketing to promote your portfolio, it is a great way to connect with people who have similar interests or who are looking for a photographer such as yourself. Your portfolio website can even connect to your social media and that way accessing either is easy for a client.

Templates – use a template of website service like WordPress to create your website. Content management systems (CMS) can make creating a portfolio easy, in fact, most platforms like WordPress have pre-built themes designed specifically for displaying photos. Some will even have ecommerce options built in too! This makes it really easy for clients to purchase a photo directly from your portfolio!

Building the perfect photography portfolio can seem like an overwhelming task, especially when you consider all the options that are available online today. With a little research and hard work, you can build a great website that shows off your work and attracts new clients. It’s easier than ever to create a beautiful, functional website especially through platforms like WordPress. The best part is, you can market your photography without having to spend a lot of money!