How to deal with difficult clients

When you are a photographer one of the ways to maintain your success is to have positive relationships with each of your clients. A lot of potential photographers don’t understand how challenging it can be to handle difficult clients. Not every client that you work with will be easy, and handling difficult clients is an art form. There can be many tools that you can use to make sure that you efficiently manage any problems that you have with your clients, and below are tips you can use to make your client relationships better.


Discuss your role

In the beginning of a project you should talk with clients about what your role is in the project and what they should expect. You should also talk to them about what they want from the project so that there is no miscommunication. One of the major problems with client relations is that there are unspoken expectations which leads to missteps in communication.

Speak in a language your client understands

When you initially take on a new client you may bounce around a few communication platforms before you find something that works for both of you. You might see that your client enjoys writing long emails rather than being on the phone. So, you might not want to call this client in the future you should utilize a medium that makes them happy.

Also, if you are talking predominantly on a platform that isn’t effective, then you should recommend moving to a different method. You might find that it is more efficient to text than it is to call your client, especially if you need clear on concise effort. As you can see, good communication is a theme in positive client relationships.

Save everything!

If you specifically discuss details of your project with your client you should always save these documents. You can screenshot images on your computer, or compile a file of emails on your computer. This history of documentation will help you if you and your client have a disagreement about details of the project. Having a history of your conversation is also a good solution if you need clarification of details of the project. Keeping detailed notes is also important so that you can stay organized.

Stay even-keeled

No matter what situation you find yourself in with your clients always remember to keep your temper. When you are upset always remember to breathe, and if you feel that you can’t control yourself you should take a break and get back to your client. Remember, once you say something you can never take it back so you should be careful how you talk to your clients.