How to shoot photos like a pro when you're just starting out

Shooting a great photo can seem like magic, you know the end result, you just don’t know the steps in-between to get there. Of course, shooting like a pro takes practice but if you’re just starting out these tips can help you get some amazing pictures.

Improving your photography is a lifelong goal, but if you remember the tips in this article you’ll be well on your way to taking professional photos.

pro photographer with canon camera

Pro Photography Tips

The best way to capture images like the pros is to use some of the simple tips and tricks below. Use these and you’ll see a marked difference in your pictures.

Lighting - choosing the right lighting is the easiest way to make your photos look like a pros. The right lighting adds contrast and places emphasis on key parts of the photo. Lighting should attract the eye to your subject and enhance it. In portrait photography, lighting can be used to draw attention to your model or subject matter. If you shoot the great outdoors, picking the right time of day can make or break your photo.

Perspective - a unique perspective can make your photo stand out from countless others, especially if your subject matter is something that is frequently photographed. If you’re at a monument or landmark, take a look at different perspectives or angles to shoot from. Don’t shoot a subject straight on or from eye level. Try laying on the ground, getting down or shooting from a higher vantage point.

Exposure – exposure is the first thing you learn as a photographer and it affects the lightness or darkness of a photo. Exposure can be controlled by your film speed (ISO), aperture and your shutter speed. Get to know your camera and how it processes exposure. You can play with the settings to see how your camera responds and this will also help you learn how to better control your settings.

Selective Focus – use your lens, zoom and aperture to create selective focus. Aperture is the most commonly used settings to adjust your focus or depth of field. Selective focus and depth of field are essential tricks to make your photos look more professional. It can add perspective and draw the eye to a specific point in the photo while creating drama or mood.

Sharpness – sharpness is essential for your photos to stand out from the crowd, but it can be one of the most difficult aspects of photography to achieve. To get tack-sharp photos, be sure you understand how your focus points work. Understanding how your focus works and how your camera performs under certain conditions.