Introducing Our New Lightroom Preset Collections

We're very excited! During the last months we've working really hard at our studio planning, developing and testing new Lightroom presets for our customers. Using feedback from the community we decided to revamp our presets and work on some completely new and improved collections. Our expert designers and developes came out with 12 new awesome sets that will surely help you in achieving better editing results.

We have also made some adjustments to our website in terms of usability, navigation and checkout process. You'll see that we have redesigned some aspects of the site because we wanted to offer a much better experience to our visitors. As we mentioned in previous posts, we have some huge surprises planned for this year, some of which involve obviously the launch of new products and even platforms. Now let's take a quick look at the new preset collections.

Prime Effects 01 & 02

Each of these collections contains 10 different effects with 9 strengths each, making a total of 90 Lightroom presets per set. With bold contrast variations, warm and cool tones and stunning highlight/shadow changes these presets are perfect for almost any type of work, such as editorial, fashion, wedding, photography, commercial and portrait.

Portrait Pro Brushes

Our premium brush collection with 50 high-end Lightroom brushes aimed to enhance and retouch any portrait photo. This set is perfect for Lightroom retouchers looking to have an all-in-one toolkit for their fashion, advertising, wedding, portrait and editorial work.


This is a tribute to the popular matte and pastel effects. This set of 35 presets will bring out beautiful colors in highlights and shadows while adding a soft matte overlay to your images. These treatments are used by many fashion photographers and editorial agencies.

Light Effects

Unique light leaks and film burns are the main effects included, but there are also vintage filters you can use to improve and enhance your images to make them more realistic and add that touch of nostalgia to them. This set included a wide variation of colorful lights and burns that resemble the effects of old cameras.

Black & White Effects

Unlike our other black and white presets, this set features creative looks combined with the mystery and elegance of black and white photography. This collection includes solarized and infrared bw effects that will give your photos a different style.

Select Effects 01 & 02

Since we've removed our previous collections from our website we wanted to keep the most popular effects because we know people love them and use them. That's why our team came up with the idea of creating two sets with the most used presets, but this time we improved each of them and added 3 strengths. Each collection has 30 presets with 3 variations, making a total of 90 on each set.

Vintage Looks

Inspired by retro film looks of old cameras, this unique and modern set of presets has been professionally crafted to resemble a subtle analogue film finishing. With perfect color grading and a soft mattetouch, this presets are great for those looking to add a little extra to their images.


Featuring dramatic and elegant color drops and washed out effects, this collection of 25 presets are perfect for those who love a professional cinematic look.

Limitless Tones

Creative toning effects that will instantly transform the look and feel of any photo. Perfect for landscape, street, wedding and portrait photography, the presets on this set apply smoothly to almost any image, just make your normal adjustments in terms of white balance, exposure and contrast and you're good to go.


Create crisp and ultra sharp images with vibrant colors and dramatic contrast with a stunning HDR touch. These presets have been designed for those looking to revamp their architecture, landscape, travel and street photography. The 64 presets in this collection will add an instant HDR look to any image, almost always without the need of further adjustments.

We invite you to look at these new products we have created and that are the result of months of hard work, testing and improvement.