About Us

Creating images of exceptional quality and beauty

Who we are

We're a passionate team backed by many years of experience, working with seasoned photographers and design partners we design, develop, test and distribute professional Lightroom Presets and Photoshop actions. We are all united by the same drive, to create something beautiful, powerful and easy to use. We work hard every day to satisfy the needs of our customers, because photography and editing are on our DNA we understand exactly how editing tools should be like.

Our Story

RockShutter was launched in early 2015. Before that we worked many years as an agency working full time on projects for photographers and creatives. We noticed the lack of quality products and resources like Lightroom presets in the photography industry and decided to move forward, partnered with talented experts and launched this project. Our tools are used by thousands of photographers, artists and designer all over the world.

Our Philosophy

We are a talented team with big ideas and a lot to give. Beautiful photography and stunning images are our passion. We aim to provide powerful and useful tools and resources for our creative community. We will continue to innovate and create awesome stuff for our customers. We believe photographers have the power to transform moments into enduring memories, that's why we like to create tools to make that easier.