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Installing Lightroom presets is actually a pretty easy process. There are more than one way to install presets. We'll show you the easiest (and most effective) one, just follow these steps.

1. Open Lightroom.

2. Go to Edit > Preferences.

3. Click the “Presets” tab.

4. Click “Lightroom Presets Folder”

5. After that, you should see you’re a window displaying the Lightroom presets folder on your computer. Double click it.

Once the Lightroom’s Presets folder is open you’ll have to move your new presets inside.

6. On a different window locate your RockShutter Lightroom presets folder.

7. Open and copy or move the folder inside “Develop Presets” to the one with the same name in the Lightroom’s Presets folder. It is important that you copy and not cut to retain all the presets in this same original folder you downloaded for backup purpose.

8. Repeat step 2 for “Local Adjustment Presets”.

Important: Remember that “Develop Presets” go inside the folder with the same name, same thing for “Local Adjustment Presets”

9. Now that you've done all that, it's time to restart Lightroom. Close the Lightroom Presets folder and the application.

10. Open Lightroom again.

11. You should be able to see the RockShutter presets under the Presets section in the Develop module.

Important: Remember to back up your preset folder on an external storage device.

Download our PDF guide